Closed Loop System by Infinite X

Our closed loop system is based on three blocks i.e. smart and unique IDs that are attached to products, a PAN India reverse logistics network; and an ecosystem of circularity partners (recyclers, NGOs, resellers, etc.).

Circularity Partners

Infinite X is partnering with all kinds of NGOs, recyclers, up-cyclers and resellers to build a closed-loop system which can ensure zero landfills. All customers with DPP tagged products can discover partner’s services for free and avail them as needed.

If you are involved in reselling, donation, upcycling and recycling of fashion products, let’s collaborate. You can reach out to us at 

Circular Material Database

The circular material database is at the core of the closed-loop system.

Whenever a digital product passport is created for a product, a unique circular material ID is created and this ID is utilised by resellers, recyclers and NGOs for efficient post-consumer circularity services.