Smart QR labels

for product storytelling, intelligent commerce,
trust, transparency, traceability, circularity and sustainability

Smart QR labels are based on digital product passport technology which creates unique digital twin of a physical product. This digital twin can store and transmit information about the products, such as their materials, product story, origin, environmental impact, quality, durability, etc. between brands, manufacturers, consumers, recyclers, resellers, NGOs, etc.

The information stored in digital twins can be accessed by anyone using unique identifiers that are embedded in products, either as QR codes, NFC chips, or RFID tags. These digital twins also enable circular fashion by enabling customers to take end-of-life actions like reselling, recycling and donation from their doorstep.

Use Cases

With omnichannel sales becoming increasingly important, digital product passports ensure that consistent and accurate product and brand information is available across all channels.

Fashion brands can use digital product passports to communicate their commitment to transparency and ethical practices.

By sharing information about materials, manufacturing processes, and sustainability efforts, brands can build trust with customers who value transparency.

Digital product passports offer an opportunity for fashion brands to tell the story behind each product.

Brands can share information about the design inspiration, the creative process, and the craftsmanship involved.

Such storytelling helps build an emotional connection with customers, strengthening brand loyalty and advocacy.

Digital product passports can incorporate unique identifiers to authenticate products.

Customers can verify the authenticity of their purchases by scanning the product passport, reducing the risk of buying fake items.

Knowing the origin empowers consumers to support brands that prioritize workers’ rights and environmental responsibility, driving positive change in the fashion industry. Additionally, it encourages a more conscious and responsible consumer culture that values the people behind the products they wear.

Implementing digital product passports can give fashion brands a competitive edge.

By offering a modern and tech-savvy shopping experience, brands can attract tech-conscious consumers and stand out in a crowded market.

Your hero products are placed on the landing screen of the digital product passports giving them required customer attention. 

These products are available with a single scroll of the screen without any clicking required. 

Each digital product passport provides a backlink to your website. 

SEO was never so easy. 

All leading international and national fashion brands are working towards circular fashion. Are you?

Become a circular fashion brand with Infinite X digital product passports. They allow your products to be easily donated, recycled and resold.

Infinite X has made donations, recycling and reselling super convenient for customers.

Infinite X enables you to reward your customers when they donate, recycle or resell to buy from you again.

Tell your customers that you are a responsible brand committed to ‘zero landfill’.

With Infinite X’s digital product passports, it is super smooth and cheap to launch your own buy-back program. 

Infinite X allows your customers to resell your products on your website. You earn when the product is resold.

Infinite X takes care of all logistics and quality-checking tasks.

Infinite X allows your customers to repair products smoothly using digital product passports.

Infinite X takes care of all logistics and quality-checking tasks.

Infinite X allows your customers to swap their old products against rewards or new purchases.

Infinite X takes care of all logistics and quality-checking tasks.

By adopting digital product passports, brands can reduce the need for physical product catalogs and printed materials, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to marketing and communication.

Digital product passports can be linked to the brand’s inventory management system. This enables real-time updates on product availability across different channels.

When a product is sold, the inventory status is updated instantly, preventing overselling and ensuring accurate stock information.

In brick-and-mortar stores, sales associates can use digital product passports on tablets or mobile devices to access detailed product information instantly, providing better assistance to customers and improving the in-store shopping experience.

Fashion brands can use digital product passports to showcase the transparency of their supply chain.

Customers can trace the journey of a product from raw materials to the finished item, demonstrating ethical and sustainable practices.

For brands that focus on eco-friendly or sustainable practices, digital product passports can facilitate communication of compliance certificates and certifications to consumers, showcasing the brand’s commitment to responsible sourcing and manufacturing.

In a store, customers can pay directly using the digital product passports. It will make the whole check-out experience super smooth. 

Digital product passports can serve as a helpful tool for customer support representatives.

When customers have questions or issues, support agents can access the product passports to provide accurate and detailed assistance.

By tracking customers’ interactions with digital product passports, fashion brands can gather valuable data on customer preferences and behaviour.

This data can create personalized marketing campaigns, tailored recommendations, and targeted promotions. Omni-channel marketing efforts can be more effective and relevant to each customer, leading to higher conversion rates.

Brands can integrate digital product passports into their customer loyalty and rewards programs.

Customers can earn points or rewards for interacting with the passports, such as leaving reviews, sharing products on social media, or referring friends to the brand.

Fashion brands often release limited-edition or special event products.

Digital product passports can be used to create buzz around these launches and to communicate the exclusivity and uniqueness of such items.

Customers can scan the product tags or use QR codes to access the digital passport, providing them with more information about the product than what’s available on the physical tag