We righteously work towards Sustainable Development Goals 2030, primarily SDG 5- Gender Equality and SDG 12- Responsible Consumption and Production to create a conscious, women centric value chain.

We bring you timeless pieces with a story, collaborating with Indian Craftsmen to create daily- wear conscious luxury, committed to preserving our cultural heritage while empowering and uplifting our artisans. Aiming to create a transparent value chain by giving our behind the scenes heroes their due credit, WeAreLabeless rehabilitates women from distressed areas, empowering them by uplifting, rehabilitating and providing fair wages while striving to create a zero-waste cycle of ethical and conscious clothing.

Sustainability Simplified


Super Humans

WeAreLabeless was started by Mehak Tariq Beigh & Pallavi Yadav who graduated from Pearl Academy, started the brand as an individual realisation and then a collective journey. As the word itself suggests the idea behind WeAreLabeless was not to glorify an individual but to give equal due credits to each individual in the value chain. As we like to call it a creative osmosis, where each individual learns from the other and create products. The goal was never to just design clothes, but to build a creative space where like-minded people came on-board to make a difference. We drew inspirations from the age old techniques, crafts & people all across the country.

Brand Story

Born out of curiosity and research regarding the textile industry and the repercussions of the fast fashion industry, there was a need to reboot and re-start. This information came through various industry experiences and how there was a crisis in hand, which needed to be tackled. Be it gender equality, safe working spaces, collective collaborations or responsible consumption and production. WeAreLabeless’ was born, as a conscious hub for all practices related to ethical and sustainable fashion, with an aim to move away from the fast paced manufacturing and consumption. Working towards creating fashion beyond vanity and connecting people whilst creating products. ‘WeAreLabeless’ works towards connecting artisans and craftsmen from the subcontinent of India and trying to make its supply chain more inclusive and create products with value These products consisted of handloom clothing, accessories, and shoes.

The brand focuses on the policy of zero waste production, where all the waste that is generated
while production, smaller bits of fabrics are utilised to make accessories like earrings, key-chains, ties, belts and patched pieces of clothing. Scraps that are too small to be used, go into the earrings.Therefore, nothing is really wasted.