Why have we launched Infinite X?

There are two stages in a product’s life cycle namely pre-consumer stage and post-consumer stage. The journey of a cotton shirt from its manufacturing to its sale until it reaches its consumer is called the pre-consumer stage. While its journey from the consumer to landfill or recycled/refurbished/upcycled product after being discarded is called the post-consumer stage.  

We at Infinite X believe that sustainability is not just about reducing the harmful environmental impacts in the pre-consumer stage but it’s also a lot about reducing them in the post-consumer stage.

A recent report suggests that approximately 26 billion pounds (118 lac metric tonne) of textiles end up in landfills annually. The situation is only getting worse with each passing day.

We believe in a new normal where every product meets the highest standards of sustainability in the pre-consumer as well as the post-consumer stage. We strive to achieve this goal with the help of our sustainable brand partners, valued customers and R (re-use, refurbish, remanufacture, recycle) partners. With continuous innovation, we try to keep 100% of the products sold on Infinite X in the value chain as long as possible.