Post Usage Return

Why return the used clothes?

Infinite X is committed to giving its customers the best services with the least environmental impact. The returned clothes help us maintain this balance between happy customers and a happy environment.

Happy Environment

By collecting back the used clothes, we maintain them in their highest value form for the longest possible time. We take a step further and try to ensure that no apparel ends up in landfills even in its lowest value-form, thus ensuring minimum impact on the environment.

Happy Customers

We understand that our customers are much aware of the environmental impact of their lifestyle choices. By collecting their used clothing and keeping it into the value chain for a longer period, we ensure they are our partners in working towards a greener planet.

In the process, we offer our patrons exciting awards for taking the responsibility and contributing towards our shared goal. To make the process smooth and hassle-free, Infinite X also offers free doorstep pickup of used clothes as per the post usage return policy. 

Note: The reward points are not dependent on the time period of usage. We request you to use your clothes for the longest possible time.

How can you return your used clothing?

Present Reward: 10% cashback of order value