Closed Loop Explained

We bring you products from the best sustainable brands and collect them back from your doorstep after use. We then find the best use of these products and ensure that nothing ends up in the landfill.

Your sustainability is our responsibility. Just Shop, Use, and Return!

Return your used clothes

To return your used clothes, click on following link and provide us your order ID/ Customer Name.

What happens to clothes you return?

Every item collected from your doorstep is sorted and processed under the following categories:

ReWear: Clothes in wearable condition are either refurbished and sold in the second-hand clothing markets or donated to our fellow humans in need.
RePair: Clothes that can be made wearable by a few stitches here and there are repaired.
UpCycle: Non-wearable clothes with good fabric conditions are used by artisans to make quality upcycled products. 
ReUse: Non-wearable clothes with poor fabric condition are used for cleaning purposes.
ReCycle: The rest of the clothes are recycled to convert them into yarn or to manufacture new products.