To combine the emerging trend of streetstyle and necessary step towards sustainable planet.

Sustainability Simplified


Brand Story

We are a 95% Sustainable Fashion label as of now, but are trying to be 100% as we move ahead. SOS as a label, we take sustainability as necessity rather than a choice to build a Better Future for next generation.
We design garments with the potential to biodegrade most of them harmlessly at the end of their lives. It is a proactive and ecosystem-inspired response to the rising levels of textile and garment waste.
We source all the fabric very consciously in order to make a genuine sustainable product as possible.
Our tailor and staffs are paid fairly, without being exploited.

We tried to mix the streetwear culture with sustainable fashion and thus created
‘Sustainability On Street’

Super Human

NIFT Grad, who believes in learning different things. He is a Fashion Designer/Graphic Designer/ Photographer/ Social Media Marketer : Jack of All Trades | Master of None.