We believe that luxury in the way of living is the privilege of making a wise decision- for there is no greater luxury than Sustainability. Marche hopes to make shoes that are light on your feet as well as on the planet.

“We as consumers have the power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy”- Emma Watson We’re ecstatic to create a brand of all Vegan shoes, but our aspirations extend to creating more vegan and environmentally beneficial products. We’re currently working to make India’s first sustainable leather shoes, and aim to make them accessible to everyone. We strive to spread awareness against animal cruelty and hope to create a mark in the Vegan Fashion industry.

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Brand Story

There isn’t a woman who doesn’t love shoes. Shoes are empowering, beautiful, and reflect your individuality. Having a passion for shoes, our founder Pooja Bohra launched the label Marche as her mission to create cruelty-free shoes that are accessible and comfortable to be worn by real women. She graduated from the prestigious Arsutoria School, Milan where she understood the production process of international brands and contributed to the development of various collections for well-known fashion brands. After working closely in the fashion industry, she noticed the environmental impact of fast fashion. On-field trips to tanneries and factories of shoe production, she got a glimpse of the process of how leather products are made. As leather is a popular shoe material, she saw skins of different animals and the tanning process- all done for the vanity of consumers. Live animals are brutally slaughtered in the name of fashion, if it comes from the skin of an animal- it involves horrific cruelty. Pooja decided to introduce a brand for people against wearing animal products. She actively promotes vegan products that don’t contribute to cruelty and support sustainable and conscious choices.