Label Monk is named so, to make it resonate with purity, simplicity and sanity.

The brand’s first collection makes it luxurious yet super wearable. It’s a home based label that was started as a result of affinity for fashion. Monk designs are meant to be worn forever and makes our consumers beautiful, strong and admirable. To transform Indian textiles into Timeless Fashion and Lifestyle that adds soul to clothing is our brand mantra. Monk’s design philosophy is based on comfort, simplicity and boldness that defines a modern woman versatility with Classic and Coveted Style.

Sustainability Simplified


Super Human

Label Monk is an online destination for sustainable fashion, ethical & eco lifestyle. It’s a place where fashion can exist responsibly, so we can enjoy the art and love behind the things we wear & use every day.

We promise to keep our focus on Sustainable Fashion that includes elegant, simple, and understated collections, create quality products for people in a more conscious and ethical way. With our brand, we envision to empower artisans to succeed & bring together artists community through our work, sell our design-driven work, support local craft community & redefine handmade and contemporary art.

Brand Story

As progressive as our metropolitan cities may be, and as dedicated to the chronicling of urban culture as we are, no one can deny that the heart and soul of India lives in her villages. While bigger cities remain as malcontent as ever, continually moving towards a westernized existence, the rush to nowhere rarely touches these rural pockets and it’s this that makes them utterly unique. And travelling to these culturally wealthy villages and meeting genuinely amazing people has been a constant in our lives and that’s something made both of us to come together with Label Monk.

While diving into the deep pockets of Rajasthan, West Bengal, Gujarat we were mesmerized by the art. We were awestruck by the fact that these beautiful human beings put their sweat and blood in their art and in return can hardly earn a single meal. For many of the artists this has led to giving up the heritage the only art they love and know, to just put a meal on the table.

That’s where it all began, back in 2018 while travelling in Jaipur, we asked ourselves there has to be a better way and someone needs to do something before there are no such villages left which can be explored by the generations to come.

That’s how LABEL MONK was born a small effort from our end to save artisans their craft, their heritage and in all their soul. Our only mantra is to have a sustainable brand working with traditional artists, skilled hand spinners & handlooms weavers across India & making products which are 100% sustainable ensuring employment opportunity, fair made and 100% use of natural & regenerated fabrics like organic cotton, Khadi, Bamboo fabric and providing sustainable products in a domain where unsustainability has been the norm.