Give Earth a last chance it deserves.

We at Ksamah aim to inspire people to purchase aspirational Eco-friendly alternatives to live a more healthy and natural lifestyle, also, give the earth a chance it deserves. We have two real Homes-Earth and our Body – via our brand “KSAMAH” we aim to provide resources to you to take care of the former to start with.
Our eco-consciousness can save the earth.

Sustainability Simplified


Super Human

Your work fills a large part of your life, and I – Pragati Dhanuka (Co- founder) am truly satisfied to be a part of Ksamah at this juncture of my life.
Following the recycle / reduce waste ways of my family for many years and my also my brother who was associated with Save Aarey Movement of Mumbai City. I loved being at sea, and beaches, watching waves was my medicine. It used to give me peace. But through the past years, Mumbai’s beaches are like walking through plastic bags & plastic bottles. I then thought of empowering my life in its second innings – also giving Earth a last chance it deserves with this sustainable start-up Ksamah (pronounced as sha-ma-h), is derived from a Sanskrit word which means ‘Pure as God’. Its idea is to aid each and every citizen of the world to do their small bit to prevent #EarthCrisis.