Quality, green products that try to reduce the impact on our environment and contribute to a better, cleaner world.

House of Kheesa truly want our customers to experience level best comfort and ease in our sustainable clothes.

The versatile khadi fabric has the unique property of keeping the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. It has a coarse texture and gets easily crumpled, and therefore, is starched to keep it firm and stiff. On washing, it is more enhanced; the more you wash it, the better is the look.

Sustainability Simplified


Brand Story

Kheesa which means pocket in Urdu is a conscious clothing and jewelry label based in India. We are working and trying to make sustainable clothing economical. Being pocket lovers we love to adorn our garments with patches of pockets made out of fabric waste. Our fabrics are sourced from small towns in order to support communities that are working on handlooms and other crafts for generations. We love collecting offcuts fabric from local tailors and making mindful garments out of it. To consciously design each garment considering the longevity of it while protecting our planet is our belief.