Connecting people with Indian textile and craft heritage and its sustainable practice in modern and contemporary way.

Expressions By UV is zero waste, ethical and sustainable fashion brand inspired by Indian textile and craft heritage. At expressions every piece is wearable art hand crafted by our talented weavers and artisans for urban women who is conscious to make choices and care for people and planet.


Sustainability Simplified


Super Human

Varsha Savla, hails from Pipariya and got all the love and freedom from her parents which shaped her into a bold and confident person. Varsha is a fun loving free soul, is an artist and explorer by nature. As a young girl, she loved styling and dressing up. Experimenting with fashion and clothing and blending together different styles have always been of interest. This early love for clothing shaped her passion.
She believes in – “We all have abundant untapped potential, and expressions are the best tools to explore and shape that potential.”

Brand Story

Varsha Savla founded UV Creations in 2014 as a customized design studio with a dream to cater ones styling needs with customized outfits. During the journey, she soon realized that there are a lot of leftovers fabrics. And her love for clothing didn’t allow her to waste these. This diverted her attention towards the ethical practices and compelled her to learn about fashion and its consequences.
During her research she visited different places and met different people who are the backbone of Indian fashion- the weavers, craftsmen etc. – she saw their talents and skills in person, and also learned about their problems.
All these things summed up and ‘Expressions’ took its shape as a Sustainable Fashion Brand.
‘Expressions by UV’ is for every urban woman who is bold, confident, responsible, decision maker, playful and always full of love and life! She is also a nature lover, and empowered with knowledge she makes smart and conscious choices for herself and the planet.